Our Boards

Local SUP is proud to have a fleet of six premium Glide Lotus paddleboards.

Glide boards are high quality, durable, eco-friendly, and made in the United States. They are designed to be ultra stable, performing well in all conditions, from flat water to open ocean.

The entire deck surface of the Glide Lotus boards are covered with a soft, grippy pad, providing support and comfort whether standing or kneeling, and maintaining their grip in both wet or dry conditions. They are the perfect boards for comfortable, confident, and fun SUP yoga practice.

Local SUP chose Glide to be the supplier of its boards because the quality of their products is top notch, and the level of social and environmental awareness and action that Glide achieves is second to none. Glide is committed to ethical and eco-friendly production, and is unique among SUP companies for adhering to their three core values: promoting “Made in the USA”; maintaining ultra durable performance; and cultivating environmental consciousness.