What does “SUP” mean?

SUP stands for Stand-Up Paddleboard, and the “local” part of our name means that we want SUP and SUP yoga to be local pastimes for you, regardless of where you live. Since our boards are mobile and we can take them to nearly any location you can dream up, we like to say, “Wherever you are, we’re local to you!”


Are there any requirements to participate?

Paddleboarding is a water sport, and we require all participants have swimming ability. Participants will also be carrying their boards to and from the water, so we require that everyone be able to carry 25 pounds in one hand. All participants must be 14 years of age or older.


What do I wear?

Wear clothes you can get wet in. For ladies, a swimsuit or dry-fit yoga wear works well, but as far as comfort and coverage go, nothing beats nylon running shorts or sweat-wicking yoga pants or shorts.

Men are generally comfortable enough in athletic sorts and sweat-wicking type shirts. Men’s swim trunks are surprisingly restrictive and make it difficult to move freely, so please test out your range of motion before class if you plan to wear them.

Avoid cotton or anything excessively baggy as there is a chance you could get wet, and cotton becomes very heavy when wet.

Wear sunscreen and a hat or sunglasses with a tether cord. You may also wish to bring a towel and water bottle. You will be paddling without shoes, but you may want to wear flip flops to get to the water.  You must remove them before getting on the board, but you can stow them on the board with you during class.


What do I do with my stuff?

Please leave all valuables, including your wallet and cameras, in your car. Local SUP is not responsible for belongings left at the boat launch. There is a small cargo area on the board where you can stow your flip flops and water bottle, but please don’t bring much more than that. You want as much room on the board to practice as possible.


What if I have to cancel?

Local SUP has a 24-hour cancellation policy. If you need to make any changes, please let us know a day in advance. You may call or email, both being a valid form of cancellation, up until midnight. We thank you for your consideration.


What if the weather is bad?

Local SUP classes may need to be cancelled or ended early due to inclement weather. We will paddle if it is cloudy or there is a chance of a shower, but excessive wind, heavy showers, and thunderstorms will unfortunately cause us to have to cancel class. Should weather conditions suddenly change during class, we may choose to end class early for safety. In the event of a cancellation, the following refunds and discount apply:

Cancellation before the start of class = full refund
Cancellation within the first half of class = full refund
Cancellation after the first half of class = $15 off your next class booking

If you have questions about what to expect, please call us at 860-375-4308 or email localsupct@gmail.com

Do you offer any coupon or promo codes?

Yes we do!

GROUP30 is the code you enter when you’re booking six SUP yoga spots in one class. That code will save you $30 off the cost of six tickets. (All six tickets must be purchased in one transaction.)

PADDLE5 is the code you enter when you’re booking two classes in one day. Take the morning SUP yoga class, then stay to paddle and play for another 90 minutes for only $20 more (a $5 savings).