About Local SUP


The Local SUP Story

Local SUP began as a crazy dream, and now it’s a reality.

One night I dreamt that I had a mobile paddle board yoga business that catered to people like me—SUP lovers who lived too far from the shoreline to make regular paddling a possibility. In my dream, I had a van full of boards that I would drive to lakes and waterways in inland Connecticut to teach SUP yoga, and on the side of that van was painted the name “Local SUP”. The tagline was “Wherever you are, we’re local to you.”

This dream was so vivid that I couldn’t shake it, and so wildly exciting, that I quietly began to pursue it. Could I really do it? Did I really want to be a yoga teacher? Could I quit my full-time job in order to make it all happen?

Fast-forward two years, add in a major career change, yoga teacher training, and the surprising realization that I love teaching yoga, and here we are. Local SUP is no longer a dream.

Local SUP doesn’t yet have a van, but it does have a pretty rad trailer and a half dozen premium yoga boards from Glide. (Read more about the boards here.) The official launch  was in June 2018 with classes at Lower Bolton Lake and Middle Bolton Lake with the hope of adding more locations and classes soon.

Is there a lake or waterway near you that might be great for a SUP yoga class? Let me know! Send an email to localsupct@gmail.com and tell me where your favorite spots are.

In addition to new paddling locales, I also hope to add adventure paddle tours, sunset meditations, and full moon paddles to the menu of offerings. Be sure to follow Local SUP on Instagram and Facebook to stay up-to-date on all of our upcoming classes.

Owner and Certified SUP Yoga Instructor, Lisa Gaumond

Lisa is an RYT 200-hour certified yoga instructor with a passion for teaching and a love of the water. She received her SUP Yoga teaching certification through Stoked Yogi, under the wisdom and guidance of Melanie Smith in 2017.

Local SUP is her dream (literally, read our story above) and she is overjoyed to be able to share paddling and SUP yoga with a new population of students who may not have ever had the chance to enjoy the feeling of a dreamy savasana under the sun while laying prone on a paddle board, hands and feel floating in the water, listening to the water lap at the board beneath them. (Sounds pretty great, doesn’t it?)

When not out on the water, Lisa can be found leading chair yoga at Bolton and Bloomfield Senior Cetners, and teaching vinyasa classes at Vasu Tribe Studio in Hartford, CT and BreatheMoreYoga in Tolland, CT, and leading char yoga classes at the Bloomfield, Bolton, and Vernon Senior Centers, and at Rose COmmons in Vernon, CT.

You can find more about Lisa on her Instagram @lgaumond and follow her two Facebook pages Yoga with Lisa and Local SUP